Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Dr. William Land"

Years and years of hard work have finally paid off....you can call him Dr. Billy now!  The ceremony was really special for the PhD graduates.  The graduate gets "hooded" by their major professor...the one who has been their mentor and closest advisor throughout their graduate career.  I know Billy appreciates everything Dr. Tennenbaum has done for him over the years, and that relationship will continue on in years to come.  We're all so proud :)
Saturday night, there was a graduate reception for the students in Billy's program.  It was a nice chance for the students to say goodbye to each other and to their professors.
If you would like to see the graduation and didn't get a chance to, you can still watch it on the university's website: http://learningforlife.fsu.edu/graduation/. You can fast forward to see his hooding, which takes place at 1:58:21 in the video.

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