Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Billy!

Billy's 30! I know he imagined he would be done with school and married at 30 (and I'm glad for both!), but I bet he didn't imagine he would be living in Europe! You just never know where life will take you...
Billy's 30s will probably be some of the most diverse, interesting years of his life.
I didn't make him a birthday cake until a week later, because we had too many sweets to eat already and they wouldn't stay good for long. Here in Germany, they have a funny tradition...when it's your birthday, you bring some kind of food into work for everyone else. Kinda strange to be giving other people things on your birthday, but when in Rome... I made carrot cake balls for the research lab (it was the carrot cake recipe from the visions of sugarplums book, rolled into balls with white chocolate coating- try it!!!).
Even though he didn't have a birthday cake on his birthday, I still wanted him to have a candle to blow out...hence the birthday lasagna!
Thanks also for the nice birthday cards. We like having things like that displayed in our apartment, since everything else is in German...

From Drop Box

From Drop Box

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