Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cologne, Germany

Last weekend Patty and I took a day trip to Cologne Germany. Without a doubt, the most impressive building I have ever seen in my entire life is the Cologne Cathedral. It was absolutely enormous! Construction of the cathedral started in 1248, and it took over 600 years to be completed. The cathedral is one of Germany's most recognized buildings, and one of the largest Gothic churches in Northern Europe. At one point, it was even the tallest building in the world, before it was surpassed by the Washington Monument. During WWII, 95% of Cologne was destroyed by bombing. Luckily, most of the cathedral remained intact. The inside of the cathedral was just as grand and ornate as the outside. Unfortunately, most of my pictures from the inside of the church didn't turn out because it was too dark. Overall, we liked Cologne. We couldn't really see it all in one day, so we will definitely have to go back. Enjoy the pictures!

You can see all our pictures from Cologne by clicking the picture below.
Cologne Germany

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