Sunday, September 12, 2010

More about Seefeld, now that we're not so exhausted

Seefeld was an awesome looked like a little Christmas village that you'd set up on your table. Every building had balconies overflowing with flowers, and there was a mountain view behind everything you looked at. While wandering around I found a gravel trail that took me back into the woods, up against some family farms. The people who lived there had put up those feeding stations where you can put in a coin and get a handful of food to feed their animals. I didn't get to feed them because they wouldn't come to the gate, but I saw a bunch of horned deer and there was a sign nailed to a tree with a picture of a moose. I'm assuming it probably said "don't feed the moose"...that's one of those times when you could get into trouble not knowing the language.
Another neat area I found was just off the trail next to a lake. There was a spot in the woods where 5 or 6 people were standing or sitting totally still with their hands out, all facing different directions. I walked over to find out what they were doing, and I realized there were tiny little birds of all different colors eating out of their hands. I found a spot to sit down and take pictures and just watched as a dozen or more people came and went, feeding the birds and squirrels from their hands.
The hotel we stayed at on our trip was really, really beautiful. Even better was that our meals were included in our board, and they were feeding us almost constantly. We got to try some great authentic Austrian food.
Despite the great trip, travelling is exhausting and it's important to have a home to go back to. We've been trying to make the apartment we are in this month as "homey" as possible, but we're looking forward to being in our permanent apartment soon. We're still not totally sure where that will be, though...

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  1. Patty, you guys must be having so many wonderful adventures! I miss you in Florida though... I'm trying to save to visit Europe, I'll have to come visit you!