Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Nazi Castle (Wewelsburg, Germany)

Nazi Castle (Wewelsburg)

Less than an hour from where we live in Germany is a rather infamous castle. Originally built as a residence for the region's prince-bishop in 1603, in 1934, the Nazi's and specifically the SS acquired the castle. The castle was to serve as a school for leaders of the German 3rd Reich and the ideological center of the SS. The castle was the pet project of Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS. Nearby the castle, a concentration camp was erected to house the slave labor that was used to redesign and rebuild the castle. The castle was only partially finished when the Allies invaded Germany. As the Allies were closing in, Himmler gave the order to burn the castle. However, not all of the castle was destroyed, and the damaged sections have since been rebuilt. The main rooms used by the SS are still intact.

Patty and I went on a daytrip to the castle hosted by the international office at the university. There we had English tours of the castle and learned about its history. Click the picture above for more pictures.

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