Sunday, April 17, 2011


Finally, we are coming to the end of winter in Bielefeld. It was a long, cold winter, but actually it was not quite as harsh as we expected. We were prepared for the worst, and it really is all about having the right clothing. Still, it's nice that it's coming to an end. Coming from Florida, this is the first time I've really experienced spring...
Gardening is a big deal here, and a lot of people go to great lengths to have pretty, manicured gardens. Last weekend we worked on our balcony. We posted pictures. It's almost warm enough now to eat on the balcony. It's amazing how much the length of the days changes between winter and summer. Two months ago the sunset was around it's light past 9pm! In the middle of the summer it stays light until 11 or so. Amazing.
We made a trip out to Sparrenburg today to take pictures. There are dafffodils and tulips everywhere, and we never knew how many flowering trees there were here because we moved in late summer last year. Click the on the link under our balcony pictures "Fruehling (Spring in Germany)" for a link to the entire album or view the slideshow below. It's too bad you can't listen to all the birds chirping while you look at them...

From Fruehling (Spring in Germany)

From Fruehling (Spring in Germany)

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