Sunday, May 1, 2011


We took a day trip with our friends Gabby and Philipp to a rock formation named "Externsteine". Stone tools have been found at this location dating back earlier than 10,000 BC! A church and monastery dedicated to Saint Peter were also built here around the year 815 AD. During the years leading up to WWII, the Nazi Party siezed control over the landmark. Heinrich Himmler wanted to make it a sacred area which would glorify German history.

The area was really cool. There were a lot of people laying in the grass, eating their lunch...there was even a guy walking around playing bagpipes. There are stairs which lead all the way up the stones (which are over 120 feet high), and a bridge that connects the top of two pillars. The weather was beautiful and the view from the top of the stones was awesome.

After seeing Externsteine we went for a hike through the woods, and stopped for a nice game of frisbee :)
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